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Globe readers weigh in. (John Boyd/The Globe and Mail)
Globe readers weigh in. (John Boyd/The Globe and Mail)

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What do you think of the budget? Add to ...

- A definite thumbs down to this budget just more debt with no plan as to how to get out and don't give me that line that the economy will grow I personally believe that we will actually shrink the economy over the next number of years not to mention the fact that we cannot predict catastrophic events .If we had some real innovation in this budget that addressed the infrastructure ,manufacturing and environment then maybe this budget would have hope of success.

The politics of the budget:

- I sadly suspect that Harper's people have polled just a few Canadians (...) on this issue and are probably correct that those who would have major issues with the budget are those who have never voted, and likely will never vote, for the Conservatives. No money for daycare? It's ok, we got the votes we need in Anglo-Canada where there is no real expectation of a subsidized daycare system, and in Quebec, where we need votes, the province provides it anyway. The environment? Most Canadians still prefer their pocketbook to the environment (otherwise wouldn't we all be buying hybrids instead of doing the calculations that in the long run they still don't justify the difference in cost?), and those who are actually willing to incur personal financial costs in favour of the environment are likely NDP or Liberal voters anyway. Public servants? All Liberals anyway (at least according to Harper, and he's probably right) and they are concentrated in one or two ridings near Ottawa (Liberal) so won't actually sway the vote much even if some votes did swing as a result.

I am a public servant who lives in Quebec (because of subsidized daycare that isn't offered in Ontario) and I have always voted Liberal. I am exactly the person that Harper thinks is a lost cause, and he's right. For the rest of the available swing-voting Canadians who think that public servants are lazy pencil pushers who don't deserve their salaries anyway, who have learned to live with the absence of national daycare, and for whom the environment is not more important than finances, this budget is likely exactly what they want. And that's what Harper knows-- whether I like it or not. He is going after the fiscally conservative Liberal swing voters and he will get a few: the Liberals will be forced closer to the NDP, losing their right to the Conservatives and splitting the left with the NDP. Don't like him, but I can't say he isn't politically savvy.

The GST and its potential role in deficit reduction continued to spark debate on both sides of the issue:

- It's funny that we've been hearing all about the HST and how that change will increase the tax paid. We've heard it's just a "tax grab" for the government. Then when the budget comes out, all of a sudden everybody is worried about the deficit, and I'm actually reading in posts that the taxes need to be increased? One poster even mentioned reinstating the GST! Why would the government care that much about what all of the people say about them. It wouldn't matter what they did, everyone would still be upset.

- Just raise the GST by 1 point and be done with it. We are at more risk having a deficit in turbulent times than we are on paying .02 more for a loaf of bread.

(Note: Comments used in this list have been printed as posted. However, spelling has been corrected and, in some cases, where words have accidentally been repeated, small edits have been made.)

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