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David Braley.Sheryl Nadler/The Globe and Mail

A Hamilton businessman who owns the Toronto Argonauts and the B.C. Lions has resigned his seat in the Senate.

David Braley, 72, was appointed as a Conservative senator by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2010. He resigned from the Red Chamber as of last Saturday after another tumultuous week of news about the money that was paid by Mr. Harper's former chief of staff to cover the questionable living expenses of Senator Mike Duffy.

Mr. Braley, who also owns Orlick Industries Ltd., a Hamilton auto-parts manufacturer, did not give a reason for his decision. But he told a Hamilton community newspaper in September that the situation in the Senate was giving all members a black eye and his wife had asked him to consider leaving.

"There are four people who are causing the problems for the other 100 senators," Mr. Braley told the Hamilton Community News. "We are being tarred and feathered."

Mr. Duffy, Patrick Brazeau and Pamela Wallin, all appointed by Mr. Harper to sit as Conservatives, have been suspended without pay over the issues with their expense claims. Mac Harb, who was a Liberal senator caught up in the same expense scandal, has resigned.

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