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Wildrose leader Danielle Smith shows she can give a Vulcan salute as she stands in front of a model of the Starship Enterprise while making a campaign stop in Vulcan, Alta., Friday, April 6, 2012. Albertans go to the polls on April 23.Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press

Every voting group is critical in an election battle like the one in Alberta – sci-fi geeks, too.

Rest assured, Trekkies, you may have found your candidate. Wildrose leader Danielle Smith made a stop in the town of Vulcan Friday, visiting the town's giant replica of the Starship Enterprise.

She struggled at first to pull off the live-long-and-prosper sign – leading to an unflattering photo by the Calgary Herald – but eventually got it right in a pose with the local candidate.

"Ha! Not my best pic to be sure. At least I now know I would be a leftie on planet Vulcan," Ms. Smith wrote on Twitter.

Vulcan ("The Official Star Trek Capital of Canada") has a special place among Trekkies. Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock in the series, visited two years ago. But Ms. Smith isn't just seeking the Trekkie vote.

"You established your geek cred long ago when you tweeted you were watching Star Wars all day with your family," one Twitter user wrote back to Ms. Smith.

However, like everything else in the Alberta campaign, there's competition for the geek crowd. In a campaign-style event before the election formally began, Progressive Conservative leader Alison Redford visited Edmonton's Telus World of Science, where they presented her with a toy Yoda.

At the same event, Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel was given a choice of figurines. He picked Darth Vader.

Ms. Smith, however, hasn't had an entirely smooth run with the Trekkies. Former Star Trek actor George Takei was among those to poke fun at the initial design of her bus, with what he called its "hubba hubba caps." The bus decal was redone.