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Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press

The brightest and smartest minds of the Quebec Liberal Party likely spent dozens of hours coming up with slogans for this election campaign.

The result of all of their work were three simple words: "Pour le Québec." It's even shorter once translated into English – "For Quebec" – and now adorns all of the party's election signs spread out throughout the province. The goal is to present all Liberal candidates are being ready to work "for Quebec" and of favouring policies "for Quebec."

Despite all of this work, however, Quebec Liberal Leader Jean Charest actually seems to prefer the Parti Québécois' campaign slogan: "A nous de choisir." The slogan can be translated into "It's up to us to choose" or "The choice is ours."

The PQ intended to use the slogan as a rallying point for everyone who opposes the Charest government and wants the province to be run by the sovereigntist party.

"We have the choice of defending our values, our language, our history, our identity. The choice of standing up to Ottawa. The choice of becoming a country," the party said as it unveiled its campaign theme.

However, Mr. Charest has become one of the main users of the slogan, repeating it every day on the campaign trail at partisan meetings, hoping that it will motivate his supporters to choose the Liberal Party on Sept. 4.

"You know, Ms. Marois's slogan for this campaign isn't bad, I agree with her," Mr. Charest said in a speech on Saturday afternoon in a sweltering campaign office in the Mauricie region of Quebec.

"She says the choice is ours. Exactly, it's up to us to choose the type of society that we want in Quebec," Mr. Charest said to much applause.

Odds are low, however, that he will do the same thing to the Coalition Avenir Québec's slogan. The third place party is calling on Quebeckers to get rid of the Liberal government in quite direct terms: "Enough. Things have to change."