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Quebec Premier Jean Charest responds to media questions on climate changes Thursday Dec. 6, 2007, at the Quebec legislature.JACQUES BOISSINOT/The Canadian Press

Farida Haltali, Montreal

"I will not vote for someone. I will vote to stop someone from being elected. The choices are very reduced compared to last time. At least we had the NDP. … I used to vote Liberal but the trust is broken, you know? Of course I'm going to vote for them because that's the only way to stop the PQ. … I don't know what's behind [the CAQ]. I'm not 100 per cent sure. I don't know what game they're playing."

Audrey Lafond, Laval

"I voted for the Coalition (Avenir Québec ) for (François) Legault. I'm not a sovereigntist, so Pauline Marois wasn't an option for me. Jean Charest has had my vote, but I think we need change. And I really like Francois Legault's new ideas – on education, on health. … I'm certain we'll have a minority government. And, unfortunately, with a majority government we won't have much change, that's for sure. … If Marois wins, there will be a referendum. That's what she wants. But I think Quebecois have already demonstrated they aren't interested."

Guylaine Beaudette, Quebec City

"I voted for Pauline Marois. She's the person in whom I have the most confidence. I think she has the experience and the capacity to govern. Sovereignty? There, I am still undecided. I'll see."

Alex Goulet-Hanssens, Montreal

"It's between a rock and a hard place. There isn't really a party that's earned my vote. I guess my main concern is having a PQ majority, and so my vote was strategic in order to avoid that. … The only chance of unseating them [in Sainte Marie-St. Jacques] is Québec Solidaire. … I think it's going to be bad, whatever happens. I'm just not cheerful. Everyone seems to be moving in different directions and doesn't seem to be willing to compromise with any party."

Stan Lekakis, Laval

"I voted for the CAQ. Nine years of Charest was quite enough, and the Parti Quebecois, Pauline Marois, I don't trust her as far as I can throw her. So that's about it. [Legault], look, he's new, he's a little bit flip-floppy on a couple of issues. One is sovereignty, of course: Before he was a hard-core sovereigntist, now he's saying no. … I hope it's a minority government. I don't care who it is, I just want it to be a minority. With a minority, everyone works to please everyone; with a majority, things get shoved down people's throats."

Roxanne Labelle, Laval

"This year I voted for Québec Solidaire. I don't think there was any good choice for me to relate to. I just felt like something, or some party, was missing. To be honest with you, I have no idea [what will happen post-election]. I'm looking forward to what's going to come."