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Three executives at Ontario Power Generation were fired this week by the government after a report by Ontario's Auditor-General revealed several issues. Roughly two-thirds of executives and managers received top performance bonuses – up to $1.3-million – compared to just 24 per cent of more junior staff. Read the full story.

The following data from Ontario's public sector salary disclosure documents show the annual salary and benefits for executives at Ontario Power.

The names of the fired executives were not released. OPG's website last week listed Donn W. J. Hanbidge as CFO and John D. Murphy as executive vice-president, strategic initiatives. Their biographies had been erased from the site Tuesday. Mr. Hanbidge's bio had said that he had been OPG's CFO since 2005.

NamePositionSalary PaidTaxable Benefits
MITCHELL, THOMASPresident & Chief Executive Officer $1,720,000.04 $6,768.00
MURPHY, JOHNExecutive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives $687,708.66 $138,307.05
HANBIDGE, DONNSenior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer $653,144.28 $4,515.84
TREMBLAY, PIERREDeputy Chief Nuclear Operating Strategic Initiative $547,088.04 $3,996.00
JAGER, GLENNSenior Vice President, Pickering $527,079.20 $2,808.00
BOLAND, BRUCESenior Vice President, Commercial Operations and Environment $518,152.72 $3,876.48
KEENAN, BARBARASenior Vice President, People, Culture & Chief Ethics Officer $467,208.58 $5,170.50
SIDFORD, COLLEENVice President, Chief Investment Officer $373,872.04 $1,514.88
MARTIN, SCOTTVice President, Employee and Labour Relations $318,511.06 $1,745.28
KING, CATRIONAVice President, Corporate Secretary & Executive Operations $310,997.31 $648.00
CROZZOLI, CARLOSenior Vice President, Business Development and Chief Risk Officer $307,503.05 $676.80
POLLIERI, LouVice President, Assurance and Chief Audit Executive $291,034.00 $1,296.00
ROBINSON, WILLIAMExecutive Vice President, Business Transformation Project $289,997.00 $-
MARTELLI, MIKEPlant Manager, Hydro $277,142.52 $1,641.60
LEE, JOHN S.Vice President, Treasurer $239,387.94 $1,416.96
GINTHER, CHRISTOPHERSenior Vice President, Law and General Counsel $179,916.68 $1,484.00
EPP, JAKEChairman $150,000.00 $-
Total $7,858,743.12 $175,865.39

Source: Ontario Public Sector Salary Disclosure