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The cancellation of two gas power plants in Ontario will cost roughly $1-billion, according to Auditor-General Bonnie Lysyk — much higher than what was estimated over a year ago. This chart shows different estimations over time, dating back to July, 2012. Read the full story on the cancellations.

Estimated cost of gas-plant cancellations, over time

  • July-October 2012: $230-million
    Original estimates put the total cost of the gas-plant cancellations at around $230-million. Then-premier Dalton McGuinty pegs the cost of the Oakville cancellation at around $40-million. Chris Bentley, then the energy minister, says the Mississauga gas plant would cost about $180-million.
  • Early April 2013: $275-million
    As more details emerge, the cost of cancellations continues to rise, with the total cost reaching an estimated $275-million.
  • April-May 2013: $585-million
    The prevailing estimate for both cancellations hovers around $585-million. This includes $310-million for the Oakville cancellation, as estimated by the Ontario Power Authority. The Mississauga gas plant is pegged at $275-million by then auditor-general James McCarter.
  • October 2013: $950-million
    The latest estimates put the total cost at around $950-million, according to Auditor-General Bonnie Lysyk. This includes $675-million for the Oakville plant and $275-million for the Mississauga plant.
  • What's to come: Potentially more than $1-billion
    The Auditor-General also warns the total for cancelling the Oakville plant could rise by another $140-million, putting the total over $1-billion.