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Globe endorsement: Election letter of the day, April 28 Add to ...

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Re Facing Up To Our Challenges (April 28): There is one significant point that The Globe and Mail editorial board seems to have ignored in its endorsement of Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. The board praises Mr. Harper based on his five years as Prime Minister of a minority government.

You explicitly say that Harper's government has been "moderate and pragmatic." You do not acknowledge that this may have been the case only because of the Conservative Party's minority status.

The economic stimulus for which you praise the Conservatives was substantial and effective because other parties had the leverage necessary to ensure this was the case.

Mr. Harper has given many glimpses of how his conduct would differ were he free of the constraints of minority status. Instead of acknowledging these, you indulge in wishful thinking that he will "relax his grip on Parliament, its independent officers and the flow of information". With a majority, it is as reasonable to conclude that Mr. Harper will do exactly the opposite, to the considerable detriment of our public institutions, and this country.

David Mordecai, Toronto

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