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Team Trudeau’s precarious friendship with Jared Kushner


It was laugh-out-loud funny, Donald Trump’s apparent credulousness at the way NAFTA renegotiations unofficially began a few weeks ago.

But the straight-out-of-Veep sequence of events – the U.S. President threatening to tear up the agreement altogether, his own administration helping orchestrate calls from his Canadian and Mexican counterparts to persuade him otherwise, the President then promptly climbing down while obliviously explaining the remarkable coincidence of those two calls happening almost simultaneously – was less amusing to those directly involved.

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White House chaos has weakened Trump’s NAFTA hand


It’s here: that moment when Donald Trump formally tells the Congress he is going to renegotiate the North American free-trade agreement.

It is a panic-inducing moment for many in Canadian business, for workers in cross-border industries such as the auto sector and for Liberal politicians in Ottawa, who have to fear that the decades-old trade-rules platform that supports 75 per cent of Canadian exports is about to burn. It’s a blast of unsettling chaos.

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