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Half of Justin Trudeau's campaign donors gave $50 or less: Inside the fundraising numbers

As he prepared to exit the Liberal leadership race two weeks ago, a defeated Marc Garneau took to the podium and declared "numbers don't lie."

Mr. Garneau was referring to a poll of Liberal party supporters, which showed he had 15 per cent support against Justin Trudeau's 72 per cent. But that's just one metric showing Mr. Trudeau's dominance in the race. This week, we caught our first official glimpse of yet another: donations raised by Liberal party candidates. The results would surely shake the confidence of any contender.

Mr. Trudeau raised over $1-million in four months, almost double the amount of all other candidates combined. The runner-up — Martha Hall Findlay — wound up with just over $200,000 in that time.

How did he do it? More than half of Mr. Trudeau's donations were for $50 or less, which could indicate a broader or more enthusiastic base of support, even if those donations amounted to just $74,000. (By contrast, 33 per cent of Ms. Hall Findlay's donations were for $50 or less.)

But Mr. Trudeau owes the most gratitude to just 503 people (or 8 per cent of his donors) who donated $500 or more. These few contributions totaled more than $520,000 in funding.

The scale of difference between Mr. Trudeau and the other candidates can be hard to picture. We crunched these numbers and charted them chronologically in the chart below. Right now, it shows all candidates except Mr. Trudeau. Add his line to see how he compares.

Below, find a breakdown of these results by candidate, including the number of donors, average and total amount raised.

CandidateTotalNumber of donorsAverage
Trudeau, Justin $1,041,511.00 5,640 $184.67
Hall Findlay, Martha K. M. $200,224.00 1,005 $199.23
Murray, Joyce $171,496.06 1,044 $164.27
Cauchon, Martin $114,670.00 151 $759.40
Bertschi, David $41,930.00 116 $361.47
Coyne, Deborah $30,428.00 259 $117.48
McCrimmon, Karen $28,198.00 125 $225.58

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