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Senator Pamela Wallin has announced she will resign from the Conservative caucus until an audit into her travel expenses concludes.

How much did Ms. Wallin's travel expenses compare to other Senators? We wanted to illustrate the difference. Below, you can watch the accumulating travel costs for every quarter dating back to Sept. 1, 2010. Ms. Wallin soars above her Conservative counterparts in "other travel," earning far more than other Senators. (Travel expenses are divided into regular travel, which are associated with travel to and from their home province, and "other travel" for all remaining trips.)

The most recent reports also show an interesting shift in her "other travel" expenses: for the first time since the report filed Aug. 31, 2011, she no longer holds the top spot. That honour went to Conservative Senator Thanh Hai Ngo.

Click the "take off" button to show accumulated Senator travel over time. You can also view "other travel" expenses by quarter.

Total "other travel": $0