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In pictures: Horwath's NDP targets the undecided voters

Andrea Horwath's New Democrats are out to convince voters not only that they have policies that speak to their concerns, but that the party's a viable alternative for people fed up with the Liberal government. The Globe talked to a few voters to get a sense of where they're making progress, and what challenges they're up against with the people they're trying to court.

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Name: Justin Mcinall Age: 22 Riding: Sudbury The Laurentian University physics student had planned to vote Liberal. He knows the party and the candidate, and he remembers chants of "On strike because of Mike" when his mother, who works in the public sector, was on the picket lines during the Mike Harris years. But Mr. Mcinall could be wooed by NDP policies he'd heard nothing about -- he could be a poster child for their outreach team's target demographic. He hopes to study medical physics at McMaster University once he graduates, would jump at the chance to work with the PET scanner Ms. Horwath has promised to bring to his riding. The Sudbury native had previously assumed he'd have to move south to find work. Getting the scanner "is personal for me: It's about having better health care, but also better opportunities here, in this community."

Anna Mehler Paperny/The Globe and Mail/Anna Mehler Paperny/The Globe and Mail

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5360 Name: Marc Groulx Age: 52 Riding: Sudbury The good news: Mr. Groulx is planning to vote NDP. The bad news: He doesn't know the name of the leader ("Andrea...I think it's Andrea, right?") or her policies; he's motivated by a fealing of fealty towards Jack Layton. "He's more for the working man." But he'd like to know more: Mr. Groulx, who works in Laurentian University's recycling department, knows a lot of friends who've been laid off in the past few months from what should've been steady jobs. He'd be eager to hear of any plans to boost the local economy. "We need more jobs. ... Oh, and early retirement."

Anna Mehler Paperny/The Globe and Mail/Anna Mehler Paperny/The Globe and Mail

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Name: Beverly Prevost Age: 67 Riding: Hamilton Mountain Ms. Prevost has been a longtime Conservative voter -- partly becuase of her husband "You do it for years, you know?" But this year she's considering shaking it up: She's definitely not a fan of Dalton McGuinty's wind energy policies (and he "gives me the willies, for some reason. I don't know why"). But she also doesn't like Tim Hudak as much as she liked his predecessor, John Tory. "The politics of both parties, at the moment -- I'm certainly not very pleased with them." So that leaves her toying with the idea of voting NDP for the first time in her life -- she just needs a push from their campaign team. "They're big in the area, and I like what they're doing."

Anna Mehler Paperny/The Globe and Mail

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Name: Gail O'Gorman Riding: Hamilton-Centre She just moved to Hamilton from Toronto and is trying to get to know her candidates. Her vote's still up in the air -- last federal election she voted NDP for the first time in her life, so she's weighing her options. She likes their stance on proportional representation. And, in her case, having NDP leader Andrea Horwath approach her on the street could be a deciding factor. "One of the things that annoys me most about these election campaigns is that you never get to meet the candidate. ... You want me to vote for this person? Bring her over; let me talk to her."

Anna Mehler Paperny/The Globe and Mail/Anna Mehler Paperny/The Globe and Mail

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Name: Adrian Shivas Age: 33 Riding: Hamilton-Centre Mr. Shivas is torn: Federally, he votes NDP. But being in the manufacturing and automation industry, his loyalties are pulled toward a provincial government he feels has tried to support his sector. "McGuinty has thrown a lot into manufacturing. Obviously, that helps me." But the province's handling of the G20 is "a huge X against him." And Ms. Horwath's job-creation plan is attractive. "I like what she's saying. ... But I'm still undecided."

Anna Mehler Paperny/The Globe and Mail/Anna Mehler Paperny/The Globe and Mail

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