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These watchdogs are responsible for some of the most explosive stories in Canadian politics

Michael Ferguson is Auditor-General of Canada. Established in 1868, the office has a budget of $102-million and 633 staff. His hot file: the F-35 fighter-jet purchase.Chris Wattie/Reuters

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Marc Mayrand is the Chief Electoral Officer. Established in 1920, the office has a budget of $136-million and 497 staff (fluctuates based on the election cycle). His hot file: the robo-calls investigation into alleged voter suppression.Chris Wattie/Reuters

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Graham Fraser is Commissioner of Official Languages. Established in 1970, the office has a budget of $21-million and 163 staff. His hot file: supporting a Canadian’s successful complaint against Air Canada for failing to provide French services.Fred Chartrand/The Canadian Press

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Suzanne Legault is Information Commissioner. Established in 1983 the office has a budget of $11.7-million and 106 staff. Her hot file:pushing for reform of Canada’s access-to-information law.Dave Chan for The Globe and Mail

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Jennifer Stoddart is the Privacy Commissioner. Established in 1983, the office has a budget of $24.6-million and 176 staff. Her hot file: persuaded Facebook to improve its privacy protections and voiced concern about online-surveillance legislation.Patrick Doyle for The Globe and Mail

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Mary Dawson is the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner. Established in 2007, the office has a budget of $7.1-million and 49 staff. Her hot file: found Industry Minister Christian Paradis in a conflict of interest over his dealings with former Tory MP Rahim Jaffer and is looking into other allegations against Mr. Paradis involving a hunting trip with a Quebec businessman.Chris Wattie/Reuters

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Mario Dion is the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner. Established in 2007, the office has a budget of $6-million and 36 staff. His hot file: repairing the reputation of the organization after its first commissioner, Christine Ouimette, resigned and was found by the Auditor-General to have done a poor job responding to complaints.Chris Wattie/Reuters

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Karen Shepherd is Commissioner of Lobbying. Established in 2008, the office has a budget of $4.7-million and 28 staff. Her hot file: calling for fines against unregistered lobbyists after finding former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer breached the lobbyist code of conduct.Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press

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