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In Pictures: Other military aircraft on Canada's radar

F-35 still in the mix, but Ottawa is looking at other manufacturers in its search for a replacement for the CF-18s

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A pilot climbs into a French Dassault Rafale fighter jet at the Swiss Army Airbase in Emmen, central Switzerland October 28, 2008.


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A F/A-18E Super Hornet of the Strike Fighter Squadron 31, known as the Tomcatters, conducts an arrested landing onboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier in the Arabian Sea December 3, 2008. Picture taken December 3, 2008.


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A EADS Eurofighter Typhoon jet rolls along the taxiway at the Swiss Army Airbase in Emmen, central Switzerland in this November 14, 2008 file photo.


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A supersonic JAS-39 Gripen aircraft lands at the military Air Base near Caslav in this April 26, 2005 file photo.


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Lockheed F - 35 AF1 joint strike fighter

Tom Reynolds

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