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In pictures: Quebec politicians on the campaign trail

Quebec's election campaign is in full swing, and leaders make a variety of stops on the way. Here's a slightly tongue-in-cheek diary of life on the campaign trail.

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"You remind me of the babe." What babe? The babe with the political power.

Olivier Jean/Reuters

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Justin and Tessia Boulet were too old for peekaboo, but hesitated in telling Jean Charest that.

Jacques Boissinot/The Canadian Press

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At Techniflamme Combustion in Richmond, Que., Liberal Leader Jean Charest finds something to stare at intently in an asphalt drum. Presumably ... more asphalt?


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Mr. Charest was all smiles for these children at a Levis, Que., daycare centre ...

Jacques Boissinot/THE CANADIAN PRESS

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... well, almost all the children.

Jacques Boissinot/THE CANADIAN PRESS

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In Quebec City, Mr. Charest shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how ‘got your nose!’ is played. Six-month-old Arthur St-Amand wins by default.

Jacques Boissinot/THE CANADIAN PRESS

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PQ Leader Pauline Marois seeks after the elusive Atlantean vote on a campaign stop in the Magdalen Islands.

Jacques Boissinot/THE CANADIAN PRESS

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Taking control of the two-dimensional Quebec City was the easy part for CAQ Leader François Legault. Taking the real legislature will be the next challenge.

Jacques Boissinot/THE CANADIAN PRESS

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Just how fresh is Mr. Legault? Perhaps grocery-store patrons can squeeze him to find out.


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