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Liberal MP and leadership candidate Justin Trudeau attends a Remembrance Day ceremony in Montreal, Sunday, November 11, 2012.Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press

The biggest name in the federal Liberal leadership race is taking his campaign to one of the country's three remaining provinces governed by the Grits.

Justin Trudeau will be on Prince Edward Island on Monday for two days of meetings and glad-handing.

Mr. Trudeau said it will be nice to come to P.E.I., one of three provinces – B.C. and Ontario being the other two – that have provincial Liberal governments.

"It's nice to have a strong, young Liberal premier like Robert Ghiz," said Mr. Trudeau.

Mr. Trudeau's activities on Monday include a visit to a dairy fair in Cornwall and pressing the flesh with supporters in Wellington and Charlottetown.

On Tuesday, Mr. Trudeau is set to do some mainstreeting in Charlottetown and visit a high school to speak to students.

The 40-year-old Montreal MP is considered the front-runner. He said he believes he can heal the deep divisions within the party and build support across the country.

"We have to make sure the party stops looking inward and starts engaging with Canadians right across the country," he said.

"It's not our future that we need to worry about as Liberals — it's the future of our country that we have to focus on. So, infighting and disagreements and naval gazing within the party has gotten us to a place where people simply don't trust us the way we would certainly like them to.

"For me, the divisions of the past have to be set aside and we have to all start pulling together and opening ourselves up to Canadians."

Mr. Trudeau said he's always had a deep connection to P.E.I., having spent time there with family over the years.

He created a social media buzz this past summer when he tweeted pictures of his family vacationing on the Island, including having lunch on Victoria Row in Charlottetown.

Mr. Trudeau isn't the only leadership contender looking for votes on the Island. Last week, Alex Burton, a B.C. Crown prosecutor, was on P.E.I.

Also in the race is Deborah Coyne, a former staff member of the prime minister's office, Toronto economist Jonathan Mousley, lawyer David Bertschi, and B.C. Liberal David Merner.

The party elects a new leader on April 14, 2013.