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NDP leader Thomas Mulcair prods the Prime Minister with more questions over the recent Senate expense scandal, June 4, 2013.Chris Wattie/Reuters

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair had to apologize to the RCMP after driving through a security stop on Parliament Hill and driving all the way to his parking spot despite being chased by a Mountie.

CTV News reported that after running through stop signs and stepping out of his car, Mr. Mulcair told an RCMP officer: "Don't you know who I am?"

In a statement, the NDP said that Mr. Mulcair simply followed his normal routine by driving through the gate and waving at the officer on duty. The officer did not recognize the NDP Leader, and engaged in a pursuit.

"Once notified of the misunderstanding, [Mr. Mulcair] had a very respectful discussion with an officer. He then immediately went down to clear up the misunderstanding with the commanding officer," the NDP said.

The NDP added that Mr. Mulcair "apologized for the misunderstanding" and settled the matter cordially.

"No warnings or citations of any kind were issued to Mr. Mulcair."

RCMP officials did not have any comment to make about Mr. Mulcair's situation after CTV aired its report on the incident.

Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre also faced criticism in 2010 after he failed to stop at an RCMP check point at the entrance to Parliament Hill.