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NDP Leader Darrell Dexter tours new house construction during a campaign stop in Halifax on Sept. 12, 2013.ANDREW VAUGHAN/The Canadian Press

NDP Leader Darrell Dexter is dismissing as "childish" a complaint filed with Elections Nova Scotia about the NDP's use of a taxpayer-funded caucus brochure after the provincial election campaign began.

Dexter responded Monday after Liberal candidate Andrew Younger filed the complaint with the electoral watchdog, alleging NDP candidates are distributing the pamphlet in violation of election rules because it was paid for from caucus and not campaign funding.

"It's just a childish, political undertaking by Mr. Younger and that's all it is," Dexter said in an interview. "We did everything exactly as we were supposed to and he knows that."

Dexter has said he has instructed all of his party's candidates against using any caucus-related material in the campaign.

Elections Nova Scotia spokesman Dana Doiron said the chief electoral officer is investigating.

In the letter, Younger says the $40,000 that the NDP caucus spent to produce the brochure represents a misuse of public funds.

"With consideration for the spirit of the rules, this represents what we believe to be a planned and co-ordinated effort to use NDP caucus mailouts in order to circumvent election financing laws," he says.