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Screen capture from NDP attack ad released Oct. 9, 2012.

The New Democrats have released their first attack ad in months, in response to the barrage of Conservative questions over the NDP's environmental and economic policies.

Well, sort of.

The online video makes ample use of quotes from commentary in Canadian news outlets that decried the Tory attacks that called the NDP's plans a "carbon tax." (Leader Thomas Mulcair prefers to refer to their proposals as a cap-and-trade system.)

But the video does not explain the context of the quotes, what the Conservatives were "lying" about or any of the specific policy disagreements.

Called Lying Liars (a reference, no doubt, to Democratic U.S. Senator Al Franken's book), the video repeats some of the bolder quotes from media commentators on how the Conservatives' strategy to criticize the Official Opposition in Parliament has been "using confusion as a weapon."

For the record, here are the sources of the NDP's quotes so you can read the full context.

Aaron Wherry, writing for Maclean's: The joke is on you, Canada

Stephen Maher, writing for Stephen Harper sows confusion in carbon-tax debate

Dan Gardner, writing for the Ottawa Citizen: The parrot is not just resting

Don Martin, writing for Truth dies when political warfare begins

Jeffrey Simpson, writing for The Globe and Mail: Case of the Conservatives' carbon amnesia

Andrew Coyne, writing for the National Post: Harper's Tories may have perfected dumb, dishonest, attack-dog politics, but they didn't invent it

Ottawa Citizen editorial board: Carbon tax redux