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Joe Cressy, campaigns coordinator for the Polaris Institute, speaks at the NDP convention in Halifax in August of 2009.

Joe Cressy says he is not an NDP activist nor was he the organizer of the "flash mob" that disrupted Question Period yesterday.

And it now appears that the bloody-faced protester, Jeh Custer, who appeared on CBC News Network's Power & Politics with Evan Solomon could have faked his injury.

The CBC has posted before and after pictures of Mr. Custer, showing that he left the Parliament buildings with a clear complexion but by the time he arrived at the CBC studios he had a bloody face. Canwest's David Akin, meanwhile, had a good view of the arrest.

Some protest.

Let's start with Mr. Cressy. He is troubled today by the coverage that is pointing to him as the leader of the climate-change demonstration that saw six young people banned from Parliament Hill for one year.

Mr. Cressy is not one of the six.

"To be clear, like many youth I was a participant, not an organizer, in the spontaneous action organized by about six people yesterday," he said in an email to The Globe.

However, Mr. Cressy, 25, certainly has a way of attracting media attention. Someone put together a Youtube video of Mr. Cressy, linking his performance yesterday to an appearance he made at the microphone at the NDP convention in Halifax last August. The suggestion is that the New Democrats were behind yesterday's protest, an assertion that NDP Leader Jack Layton has denied.

Mr. Cressy was certainly in the centre of much of the news of the event, however. There he was, caught on camera, waving his arms in the Hall of Honour of the Centre Block, continuing to protest as he and the others were ushered out.

He was also the one photographed by the news cameras as he addressed the troops just outside of Parliament, explaining to assembled reporters that this was a "flash mob" in favour of a clean energy future.

And there he was in the gallery of the House of Commons, quite obviously standing up and shouting over politicians as he called for the passage of NDP's Bill C-311, which would set tough greenhouse-gas emission targets for Canada in advance of the Copenhagen climate-change summit in December.

He said today that he was at the protest as part of his work as campaigns coordinator for the Polaris Institute. He noted that one of their campaigns concerns the tar sands.

In his spare time, he says he is a member of the Ottawa Centre NDP riding association.

"I know that Liberals have been floating my name in an attempt to deflect attention away from their own inaction on climate change, specifically Bill C-31," he wrote.

The Conservatives, with the help of a majority of Liberal MPs, voted on a motion that delayed the passage of the bill until after the Copenhagen conference.

So who is Joe Cressy? Well, he comes by his social activism honestly. He is the son of Gordon Cressy, a former Toronto municipal councilor, United Way chief and vice-president at both the University of Toronto and Ryerson University.

His father is now running a YMCA in Tobago.

Update Mr. Cressy's parents write from the Caribbean, to say their son "was an early young protester aginst the war in Iraq," that he studied in Ghana, that "his meeting with Nelson Mandela is etched in his memory" and that "from our point of view working on a cause, being a social activist and being involed with politics is a worthy combination."

Read the full version below.

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