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Muguette Paill� who was the centre of attention during the French debate, gives her support to Bloc Qu�b�cois Leader Gilles Duceppe, Saturday, April 30, 2011 in Louiseville, Quebec.Jacques Boissinot/ The Canadian Press

Muguette Paillé quickly became a folk hero during the French-language debate when she asked a question on unemployment in the rural regions of Quebec to the four party leaders.

She is now widely known as "Madame Paillé" across the province after her name was mentioned a dozen times by Michael Ignatieff, who used her case to describe the Liberal Party's programs for families.

But at a campaign stop on Saturday, Ms. Paillé stood side-by-side with Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe, and offered her support ahead of Monday's vote.

Ms. Paillé still hasn't found a job, but she obviously enjoys using her new-found voice in favour of the Bloc.

"We are united, we are proud to be Quebeckers, we are proud of our language, and we can trust them to defend all of that in our name," Ms. Paillé said in a speech at a campaign rally.

"On May 2, please don't vote for the NDP flavour of the day," she said. "Don't vote according to the polls, which can be used to say anything. Vote according to your basic common sense, for Quebec, and that is the Bloc Québécois."