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As it happened

Nazim Gillani tells his side of Jaffer tale Add to ...

4:41 : JT: Holder -- seems that you guys quickly entered into an agreement. when did you imagine you would get paid ? or pay them?

4:41 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: Glemaud said once got positive feedback from the govt, then we would sit down.

4:41 : JT: Holder -- did you believe that Mr Jaffer and Mr Glemaud were lobbyists? is this a hear no evil/ see no evil approach?

4:42 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: No, I don't. That's how I see it. Again, I have not dove into lobbying laws. I purposefully have not done much research on lobbying laws so I would be as I was. If I thought they were lobbying gov't, I would tell you so. My understanding is they approached one project to the govt. My opinino is I don't think tehy did anything wrong. There was no undue influence.

4:42 : JT: Holder: from your perspective you do not feel they did anythng untoward with PM or any others?

4:43 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: No, as far as I know.

4:43 : JT: Holder: Trying to imagine what was said at that dinner to provoke you to write that Jaffer could open doors

4:43 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: The amount of resources, time that people are willing to commit to projects. In the biz world, you are looking for people willing to commit to your projects. We got that in the group. Dr. Chen was also excited. The fact that there was a team was very exciting.

4:44 : JT: Guimond: Snowdy, the PI, what are his deepest motivation? why would he say these things about you? 4:45 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: Well the only thing is that Derrick Snowdy exists on a shareholder list of a company we were invovled in taking public. We met them in 2009. In Dec, 09, they declared bankruptcy and notified us with a press release in mid January. This is acompany we invested $1.7-million into. Mr. Snowdy is listed as a shareholder. The only link we have is this is a company we believe has done very serious things wrong. There are issues in play. I would ask you to give us time to deal with this, we are in the process of legal action against this.

4:46 [Comment From JR Arthurs: ]That sounds like a very substantial link to me Wednesday

4:46 : JT: Guimond: You do recognize he said some very inciendiary things about you -- why did you want to do business woth Green Rite company?

4:46 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: Green Rite and Wright Tech are the same company, as far as I'm concerned. Glemaud and Jaffer submitted an application to the govt on behalf of them. We saw this happen on the side. We were watching. Not sure what you're asking.

4:47 : JT: Guimond: are you aware of what Jafer did with regard to Green Rite?

4:47 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: No, all I know is they delivered this package to the federal govt and got information back.

4:48 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: I only met with Ms. Guergis once. Sept. 12, 2009. At Sassafraz restaurant during the Toronto International Film Festival. I keep saying this over and over again. I'm not sure why you keep asking the same questions. This was a social dinner. Mr. Chairman?

4:48 : JT: Guimond -- what did you think of Ms Guegis? and do you know Bob Dhillon?

4:49 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: I don't know a Bob Dhillon. No, not a Najit Dhillon.

4:49 [Comment From Curious Curious: ]Snowdy is the link in this whole mess.

[Comment From Guest: ]Quote of the week: "Do you know Bob Dylan?" #gillani

[Comment From jeff Arsenault: ]bob dhillon.... too funny Wednesday April 28, 2010 4:54 jeff Arsenault

[Comment From W B Devitt IIl: ]LoL, ditto on Quote of the week

4:50 : JT: Pat Martin -- Mr Jaffer sat where you are sitting now and liked "his ass off" -- you signed a contract after Sept 10 diiner -- since that time you got together long enough to sign a legal binding contract and you paid for him to go to China

4:50 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: No, that's not true. I agreed to pay for it. Individuals paid for it and they were supposed to submit expenses to me. Nothing was submited. He paid for his own trip. Dr. Chen paid for his own trip.

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