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As it happened

Nazim Gillani tells his side of Jaffer tale Add to ...

4:50 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: I've told you we were going to get on a plane together on April 13. It was news to me that our relationship had ended.

4:51 : JT: Martin, NDP MP -- did you ever see Mr Jaffer's website? Conservative Party logo? did you assume that he had influence with gov't?

4:51 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: No, if I got introduced to anyone at this table I wouldn't assume you were peddling influence.

If it's not going to cost you any more to expand your network, you do it. Common sense business suggests you work with a guy who can help you if it's not going to cost you any money.

4:52 : JT-- Martin -- in your contract says parties agree to profit sharing? does that mean taking equity position?

4:52 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: It depends on a project by project basis. We have this because it allows us to do a deal that makes sense to us.

4:53 : JT: Martin -- here's a scenario -- Marti outlines a complicated strategy of hoping stock goes down in value involving gov't funding

4:53 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: It's a standard strategy in the market. I don't ask anyone to buy in at any rate before it goes public. We take our money and invest it in the private corporation.

4:54 : JT -- Martin -- this sounds like stock manipulation? and discuss this strategy with Mr. Jaffer?

4:54 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: You get that from this contract you're looking at?

4:55 : JT: Patrick Brown: from time line -- the PM's door clearly shut -- bringing in Lib sponsorhsip again? did you have any exchanges with previous gov't?

4:55 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: No.

4:56 : JT: Patrick Brown: We are in era where lobbying doesn't work

4:57 : JT: Holder, Tory MP -- wondering about business card use by Jaffer?

4:57 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: I don't know what to say to you. I just saw him scratch it off and write another number. That was with one person. I don't know if he did it with others.

4:57 : JT: Holder: Do you intend to sue the Toronto Star?

4:57 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: "Absolutely."

4:58 : JT: Lib Coady -- asking about what RLP company does

4:58 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: It's the process to remove mercury from carbon emissions. It's a fairly extensive technology that allows you to reduce significantly the amount of mercury from coal-burning plants. This allows you to do it cheaper and more mercury is taken out of it.

4:59 : JT; Gillani finished

4:59 Jill Mahoney: The committee has gone in camera (private proceedings).

4:59 Jill Mahoney: We'll now take any questions you have for Jane Taber.

5:00 [Comment From Guest: ]man, i don't know where to begin.....

5:00 : JT: We have to leave committee room now as it moves incamera -- waiting to scrum Gillani

5:01 [Comment From Austin: ]What was Nazim's demeanour? Arrogant, confident, nervous?

5:01 [Comment From onceanislander : ]Jane - can you describe the mood in the room? Heels clicking for joy, among opposition members?

5:01 : JT-- Pat Martin scrumming - onus on Pm to come clean and tell us why he fired guergis, says Martin

5:02 : JT: Martin: he thinks it was more about influence peddling than lobbying, says Mr Martin

5:02 Jill Mahoney: Mr. Gillani is approaching the media. He'll read a statement.

5:03 : JT: Gillani is not taking questuins -- reading a statement --

5:03 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: It's been a very long day for me. My appearance this afternoon gave me a chance to put some of my concerns on the record and to answer questions. All this took place within a sanctuary of privilege. I believe it is in appropriate for me to expand on what was said in the committee.

5:04 Jill Mahoney: Gillani says he'll talk to reporters again in the next day or two.

5:04 : JT: Gillani says the contract was signed and he will be speaking out over the next few days because he wants to get his story out

5:04 Jill Mahoney: Jane, can you give us a sense of the mood in the room today?

5:06 : JT: mood in room was subdued -- i think Mr Gillani offered more questions now than answers? he came across as very credible but now the credibility of the Pi Sbowdy is in question as Mr Gillani contradicted or denied much of what he had to say

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