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As it happened

Nazim Gillani tells his side of Jaffer tale Add to ...

3:12 Jill Mahoney: Everyone, that's Jane Taber joining us live from the scene.

3:12 [Comment From Jr: ]Does anyone else think Jaffer and his wife are just two people who didn't use sound judgement before associating with this guy? Doubt they did anything wrong..we need a real scandal in Canada

3:15 [Comment From W B Devitt III: ]It is readily apparent Jr., that Raffer's lobbying was in full swing, long before meeting with Gillani.

3:15 [Comment From Roger: ]Jr they did plenty wrong. Sound judgment is a requirement for high office in Canada. This is not about how entertaining their antics were.

3:16 : JT: There are some Canadians who certainly share your view that the couple's troubles are the result of poor judgment. It is likely after we hear from Mr. Gillani that Mr. Jaffer will be invited back to the committee to address some of the contradictions in his testimony. For now, however, reporters have been supplied with a timeline from Mr. Gillanit detailing his relationship and meetings with Mr. Jaffer -- it is under embargo until Mr. Gillani speaks.

3:18 [Comment From W B Devitt III: ]Welcome Back Jane, TY again for taking the time to present this format.

3:19 [Comment From Jr Millerr: ]oh yes JT...no doubt Jaffer is in for another ride to the committee before all is said and done. His testimony reminded me of the baseball hearings in the USA. The players were just dancing around their answers a bit too much

3:19 [Comment From VLJ: ]Lets not forget that Jaffer was caught in a lie (to a parliamentary committee no less), according to Prentice, Jaffer used his wife's office to meet with his aid regarding a business (sounds like lobbying to me). While to the committee Jaffer stated that he didn't do this. Poor judgment doesn't seem to be the only thing going on here.

3:23 : JT: We should be putting up the Gillani/Jaffer time line on our site in just a moment; cameras trained on all doors of the committee room as we await Mr. Gilani's arrival

3:21 Jill Mahoney: Jane, do you have any idea if Mr. Gillani will be accompanied by a lawyer or other adviser today?

JT: he's here

3:25 Jill Mahoney: I've just had an email from Brian Kilgore, Mr. Gillani's spokesman saying: "No lawyer, and I'm in Toronto."

3:26 [Comment From nickk: ]Ms. Tabor, thank you so much for helping us all to realize that Mr. Jaffer and his "associates" may reflect more on Mr. Harper's style of governance than we may have ever thought! Wednesday April 28, 2010 3:26 nick

3:26 : JT: He is by himself. As I noted yesterday in my story --his parnter Mike Mihelic could not attend. his conditions of bail on an unrelated fraud charhe preclude him from being in same room as Mr. Gillani. this is according to Gillani spoeksman, Brian Kilgore. 3:28 [Comment From nick nick: ]

Ms. Tabor, thank you so much for helping us all to realize that Mr. Jaffer and his "associates" may reflect more on Mr. Harper's style of governance than we may have ever thought!

3:28 [Comment From W B Devitt III: ]CBC News is about to start their coverage in about 3 minutes W

3:29 Jill Mahoney: Again, here's a link for a webcast of the committee's proceedings.

3:29 : JT: Libs are giving out copy of a contract between Mr. Jaffer's company and international strategic Investments -- Mr. Gillani's company. under cluase two of the contract it states that the gpg has "valuable connections to and with the government of Canada and various departments., ministries.." strong stuff!!

3:30 [Comment From W B Devitt III: ]Nice, Mr. Jaffer's contradictions will be back to haunt him in Committee, Round 2

3:31 : JT: GPG is Green Power Generation -- Mr. Jaffer's company

3:31 Jill Mahoney: The testimony is beginning.

3:31 : JT: they are swearing in Mr. Gillani

3:32 Jill Mahoney: My name is Nazim Gillani and I was born on March 18, 1967 in London , England . I immigrated to Canada in 1974 and I am the CEO of International Strategic Investments-ISI for short. Thank you first for the opportunity to tell my side of this story and answer your questions.

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