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As it happened

Nazim Gillani tells his side of Jaffer tale Add to ...

3:37 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: My first meeting with Mr. Jaffer was on August 25, 2009 at La Castille Restaurant. On this date, I sent the e-mail that referred to Mr. Jaffer as "the Canadian government money access point," based on my understanding of what he and Mr. Glémaud did for a living. At this meeting, Mr. Jaffer did give out his MP business card in front of me, but qualified that delivery by stating he didn't have his GPG cards and had a binder with these old ones. He stated he was not an "MP" and crossed out "MP" and wrote another phone number on it - and that's what I saw him do when he met one person at that luncheon.

3:38 Jill Mahoney: I would now like to address other allegations against me: Moving ahead, to the September 10, 2009, dinner at Harbour 60 Steakhouse, the reality is that four of us met for dinner: me, Mike Mihelic, Rahim Jaffer, and Dr. Chen. Later that evening, we were joined by Ryan Driscoll and Frank Campanile. Later still that evening, we were joined by my then-girlfriend and two of her friends.

3:38 : JT; untrue, says Mr. Gillani, that Mr. Jaffer ended relationship; he did gove out his MP business card although he stated he was not an MP. the two were also to travel to China together in Feb. 3

3:39 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: These women, all of whom have respectable jobs, have been devastated that they were referred to as "busty hookers" by Kevin Donovan in The Toronto Star. And "busty hookers" has become the fun phrase of Canadian media, having no regard for what it had done to these 3 women.And finally, the morning of Friday, September 11, 2009, I wrote the now well-known e-mail: "Mr. Jaffer has opened up the Prime Ministers' office to us…"

3:39 Jill Mahoney: That sentence was mine and mine alone. It was clearly over-stated and I sincerely apologize for my over-enthusiastic statement. There was never, ever, any suggestion of direct or indirect access to the Prime Minister's Office by Mr. Jaffer or Mr. Glémaud. Mr. Jaffer was not a recipient of that email. Next, there was the dinner at Sassafras Restaurant in Toronto 's Yorkville district held on Saturday, September 12, 2009, during the Toronto International Film Festival. This was a social event and is the only time I met former Minister Guergis.

3:39 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: I have never seen Mr. Jaffer use cocaine, in possession of cocaine, or speak of cocaine. I do not use cocaine nor have I ever been a drug dealer.

3:40 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: Another allegation swirling around me has been that I have compromising photos on my cell phone of former Minister Guergis and Mr. Jaffer "partying" with cocaine and prostitutes. I have no such photos; I took no such photos. Those outrageous and untrue allegations were first published in The Toronto Star, and seemed to have made their way to the Prime Minister himself.

3:40 : JT: Gillani says that the three women with them at the Harbour 60 dinner last Sept were not "busty hookers". he says reputations of those women have been hurt by the "media fun phrase". has never seen Mr. Jaffer use cocaine or talk of it; no photos of Mr;affer and his wife, Helena guergis, partying with prostitutes or cocaine

3:40 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: I am not being investigated for tax evasion. Please refer to the letter from Canada Revenue Agency in your packages. Those unfounded allegations were first published in The Toronto Star.

3:41 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: I am not a money launderer. I do not have any ties to organized or unorganized crime. Those unfounded allegations were first published in The Toronto Star and have spread across the country.Unfounded and inaccurate information takes on a life of its own. We live in a world where sometimes personal responsibility for what is said without proof and then printed is markedly absent. I hope that you will see in my short time with you today, that I am a very strong believer in taking personal responsibility and backing up my statements.

3:41 : JT: Gillani is clearly not impressed with Cdn media. the effect of allegations on his business "devastating".

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