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As it happened

Nazim Gillani tells his side of Jaffer tale Add to ...

[Comment From W B Devitt III: ]*sigh* ... Please stop plugging the Accountability Act before asking a question, each and every Conservative panel member... We are aware of it, we don't require a history lesson while time is of importance...

4:30 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: No, not at all.

4:30 : JT. Bruinooge: anyy access to PM's office?

4:30 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: 100 % I do. I saw no access to the Prime Minister's Office. That's what I said. I don't believe Mr. Jaffer did anything off side. If I do this again, I'll check references and make sure they have good standing with the government.

4:31 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: There's a lesson in that. I believe more CEOs should know about this.

4:31 : JT: Bruinooge -- for your shareholders do you think they deserve more due diligence from you? how have your shareholders been affected?

4:32 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: It's been a cancer. Every significant party that I've dealt with has stepped away from me. My business has been wiped out. I lost my business overnight and I didn't think I was doing anything wrong and I didn't think Rahim Jaffer did anything wrong. But point taken, I should have done more homework, I should have understood this better. I didn't know. I take it upon myself to learn it.

4:32 : JT: Bruinooge: i'm not sure it's a good excuse for your shareholders? how did your father practice business?

4:32 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: My father applied on behalf of his company himself. He didn't use a lobbyist or an intermediary or anything. The honest truth is I didn't know about it. In retrospect, I should have known about it.

4:33 [Comment From JR Arthurs: ]Maybe Mr Gillani should be more shrewd of his business partners. Am I to fell sorry that he is not competent as a businessman?

4:34 : JT: Marcel Proulx, Lib MP -- in the past six months listed as your clients reinvented themsleves as green firms when you were dealing with GPG -- did these change because of Mr. Jaffer? did he ever say "- have knowledge" and "i can hel them?"

4:34 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: No. Not at all. Any move these 2 companies made was on their own. We're no longer shareholders of those businesses at all.

4:34 : Jt: Proulx: contacted by rCmP or ethics comm?

4:35 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: I haven't been contacted by the RCMP. I've heard the same thing you have, that this is based on Mr. Snowdy's claims.

4:35 : Jt: Proulx -- let's talk about derrick Snowdy -- the private investigator -- what is your understanding on when you met Mr Jaffer --

4:36 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: I met Rahim Jaffer on August 25 and I believe Mr. Snowdy says he met me on Aug. 27. Two days later and I was making these ridiculous claims. I met him 2 days prior.

4:36 : JT: Proulx -- Snowdy talked about offshore companies -- Snowdy as a document listing Panama co registered by you?

4:36 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: "It's an absolute lie. 100 per cent absolute lie."

4:37 : JT: Proulx says Snowdy says you have cellphone pics that could be compromising of Mr Jaffer and Ms Guergis

4:37 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: No. "And again another complete fabrication." As a private investigator, you'd think Mr. Snowdy would have some proof, wouldn't you? That's his business.

4:38 : JT: Proulx: you met Jaffer throug family -- did you ever anybody say Mr Jaffer had good connections?

4:38 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: No. My cousin introduced me to Mr. Jaffer and said he was very impressed by him. Had known him 10 years.

4:39 : JT: Ed Holder? Cons MP -- i come from business background -- you met Mr Jaffer through your cousin -- what is timeframe from when you met him and wanted to put pen to paper in a contract

4:39 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: If you've got a deal that doesn't cost you any money to put in play, then it makes sense.

4:40 Jill Mahoney: Gillani: I had a conversation with Patrick Glemaud about this contract I hadn't seen. He said once we got feedback on Green Rite, he would come up with a document for us that would explain what compensation would be provided to whom. Glemaud told this committee that the lobbying registration would be put into place later.

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