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Former Tory MP Rahim Jaffer and former cabinet minister Helena Guergis, in a October, 2008, wedding photo. Federal Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson on Tuesday said she would not investigate allegations against Ms. Guergis that had been passed on to her by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The RCMP has cleared both independent MP Helena Guergis and her husband, Rahim Jaffer, of allegations of criminal wrongdoing leveled against them this year, according to the couple's lawyers.

Ms. Guergis, a former Conservative MP and junior minister in the Harper government, issued a statement by her lawyer on Wednesday to reveal that the Mounties had finished their investigation into allegations forwarded in April by the Prime Minister's Office. In a statement later Wednesday, Mr. Jaffer's lawyer also revealed that the investigation into his client is finished.

"The RCMP advised me today that it has concluded its investigation concerning Mr. Jaffer," Frank Addario said. "It has determined that there is no evidence to support a criminal charge and it will be closing the portion of its file that relates to Mr. Jaffer."

The lawyer added: "Mr. Jaffer is pleased with this news."

Ms. Guergis's office said she is not commenting on her situation at this point, and that she is currently spending time with her family.

"Helena Guergis's counsel, Howard Rubel, confirmed today that the RCMP has concluded its inquiries into Ms. Guergis and that he has been informed that the RCMP will be taking no further action," Ms. Guergis's office said in a statement.

"Inspector John Keuper advised Mr. Rubel that the RCMP has concluded that there was no substance to any of the issues forwarded to them by the Prime Minister's Office. All concerns relating to Ms. Guergis have been resolved and no issues remain outstanding," the statement said.

The Prime Minister's Office said Ms. Guergis will not be re-invited to join the Conservative Party caucus. There were "several factors" that led to Ms. Guergis's departure from cabinet and caucus, according to PMO spokeswoman Sara MacIntyre, including matters involving her husband, former MP Rahim Jaffer.

Ms. MacIntyre pointed out that the Ethics Commissioner is still looking into a letter written by Ms. Guergis to promote a company that was involved last year in discussions with Mr. Jaffer's own business.

"The RCMP's decision today does not affect the decision to expel Ms. Guergis from caucus," Ms. MacIntyre told The Globe.

Sergeant Stéphane Turgeon confirmed that the probe is over. "The RCMP has concluded its file, and advised the complainant [the Prime Minister's Office]and Ms. Guergis privately, in writing, about the results of the investigation," he said.

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