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Photos: Harper, Mulcair, Trudeau and more wish you happy holidays

Every year, politicians in Ottawa send around holiday cards with pictures of their family. Here are some highlights of cards from the Prime Minister, Governor-General, Opposition Leader and more.

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Governor-General David Johnston and wife Sharon and their grandchildren are pictured on their 2013 holiday card.


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NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair and wife Catherine Pinhas.


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Prime Minister Stephen Harper is pictured with his son Ben, wife Laureen, holding Charlie the chinchilla, and daughter Rachel.


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Transport Minister Lisa Raitt and her family.

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Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and his family.

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Part of a card from the office of NDP MP Laurin Liu.

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Conservative House Leader Peter Van Loan and his family.

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Conservative MP Michael Chong and his family. Mr. Chong recently proposed a bill the empower backbencher MPs that will be debated in the new year.

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Green Party Leader Elizabeth May.

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Conservative MP Eve Adams, right, and Dimitri Soudas, former spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and now executive director of the Conservative Party of Canada.

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