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Quebec's Premier Jean Charest speaks during a news conference after the presentation of the Plan Nord at the congress center in Levis May 9, 2011.MATHIEU BELANGER/Reuters

Here are some facts about the Liberals' northern-development plan for Quebec, dubbed "Plan Nord":

— Focuses on broad development — including mining, energy and tourism — across an area north of the 49th parallel about twice the size of France.

— Liberals project it will attract $80-billion in private and public investment to Quebec's northern over the next 25 years.

— Liberals say it will create 20,000 jobs in Quebec over that period.

— Plan is to invest $2.1-billion in public money on infrastructure — such as roads and airports — that will ease access to faraway regions.

— Liberals say project will eventually pump $14-billion into provincial coffers and make Quebec a contributor to equalization.

— Parti Quebecois opposition calls current plan a cheap selloff of the province's resources.

— PQ wants a 30 per cent surtax, as in Australia, on profits beyond a certain level.

— PQ criticizes government for investing so much public money to build roads for private business.

— Canadian National Railway is working with mining companies and Caisse pension manager to study possibility of building rail line, with estimated cost of $5-billion.