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The Gentilly nuclear power plantJacques Boissinot/The Canadian Press

The Quebec government has announced it is closing the Gentilly II nuclear power plant.

Premier Pauline Marois made the announcement on Thursday, adding that a $200-million fund will be created to compensate for economic impacts the move will have on the community of Nicolet in Mauricie region, where the plant is located.

Ms. Marois has asked Hydro-Québec to complete a report on how to proceed with the plant shutdown.

And in keeping with her government's environmental priorities, the Premier also said it will move to ban further mining of the cancer-causing asbestos mineral in the province, and impose a permanent ban on the development of shale gas.

The Premier also announced the elimination of university tuition fee hikes imposed under the former Liberal regime. The government also repealed Bill 178 adopted by the Liberals last spring which imposed restrictions on the holding of public demonstrations.