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Blog Archive for August, 2010

Grits go AWOL on civil rights

Douglas Bell

Sure, Liberals about G20 security. But their biggest gripe was police being overwhelmed

Principled Liberals/un-principled NDP? Hardly

Norman Spector

Ignatieff's team seems willing to say and do anything to get elected, no matter their past commitments

Rocco Rossi should recall California

Andrew Steele

Toronto mayoral hopeful tries to please wild-eyed populists and responsible government supporters by being vague

Liberal renewal?

Tim Powers

Ignatieff and his tribe need to tell us what they are for instead of just what they are against

On Omar Khadr, even Bushies are biting Obama

Norman Spector

When a man bites a dog, that's news. But who would have thunk it would have come to this?

A Mideast reading list for Tories willing to learn

Gerald Caplan

Harper should brush up on reality as Obama hosts Israeli and Palestinian leaders

Mr. Flaherty should mind his own business

Norman Spector

Why enter a dispute between Ireland and the ratings agencies?

A test of political memory in New Brunswick

Tim Powers

Will Shawn Graham's failed power sell-off register with voters?

Harper's millions for Williams will cost Canadians billions

Norman Spector

AbitibiBowater payoff could set a dangerous precedent

Police put Tory credibility on the firing line

Bruce Anderson

Why Harper should worry about the strong stand taken on gun registry by Canada's top cops

Is Charest's accuser lying or just in it for himself?

Norman Spector

You have to wonder what the Premier was thinking (or drinking) when he decided to set up a public inquiry

Gilles Duceppe's world tour

Norman Spector

The Bloc Leader is nothing if not strategic

Who's afraid of Rob Ford?

Adam Radwanski

For Dalton McGuinty, a win by George Smitherman would pose a bigger problem

Would Ignatieff, Layton defend medicare in an election?

Norman Spector

Principles increasingly coming up against hard reality of an aging population

Attempt to silence veterans' watchdog gives him a bigger voice

Gerald Caplan

In the Pat Stogran affair, it appears that the Harper government hates criticism even more than it loves our soldiers

Rob Ford: Covering up then coming clean

Why is the councillor from Etobicoke still in the race, when Adam Giambrone quit over a much less serious scandal?

Ignatieff's summer camps should lead to better team play in the fall

Bruce Anderson

After a successful summer tour, Liberal Party Leader should make concerted effort to bring his most talented caucus members to centre stage

Harper flunks political math

Brian Topp

Without respectful and fair agenda Tories will never grow beyond their base

The Cheliak diversion

Tim Powers

Liberals would rather meddle in RCMP than talk about their own gun-registry weakness

Making sense of McGuinty's cabinet tweaks

Adam Radwanski

Can Glen Murray listen instead of talk? Where's Yasir Naqvi?

Hitting the gas

Andrew Steele

With his shuffle, McGuinty is accelerating at the end of his term

Are receipts to blame in BPA mystery?

Norman Spector

Could retail receipts, not plastic containers, be the culprit?

Margaret Atwood versus George Will on the Mideast

Norman Spector

The Canadian author is decidedly more optimistic about prospects for peace than the U.S. columnist

Khadr trial could be a teachable moment

Norman Spector

It exposes differences between Canada and the United States - no matter who's in the White House

A life too short

Tim Powers

Mario Laguë made Canada a better place and his tragic death cuts through partisan lines

The decaying anonymity of the Internet

Andrew Steele

Creativity that comes with not caring about the consequences of what you say could soon end

Munir Sheikh must be joking

Government must never whet its opponents' appetite by appearing weak and indecisive as Statscan's ex-chief suggests

Rolling up the rim on the Saudi BlackBerry agreement

Stephen Harper's summer ... so far

Bruce Anderson

The Conservatives have turned up the heat on themselves. How are they holding up?

Now I've upset the National Post

Norman Spector

A Tory mayor for Toronto

Gerald Caplan

Canada's biggest city needs someone who's sensible, open, civil and understands its many challenges. Too bad he's decided not to run

Why Lord Black isn't returning to Canada

Norman Spector

He has one major difficulty to overcome

Afghanistan has become a 'bad war' for Canada and U.S.

Norman Spector

On both sides of the border, the public has tired of the Afghan war

Rock 'em sock 'em Greens

Tim Powers

Georges Laraque deserves praise for getting involved, but his recruitment again exposes Elizabeth May's flaws

The CMA's forked tongue

Norman Spector

If we can't count on doctors to give us the straight goods on health care, on whom can we count?

A fall election?

Brian Topp

The odds are 60-40 against, but stay tuned

Are the premiers still into asymmetrical gallstones?

Political ground has shifted since Quebec won a separate arrangement on health-care funding in 2004

How we're governed

Norman Spector

Even when another party wins the popular vote, it's the party with the most seats that counts

Britain's fading coalition

Norman Spector

Nick Clegg's loss of popularity among voters is mirrored by mounting concern in his own party over his judgment