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Robert Silver

Another Sun masterpiece Add to ...

The new-look Sun chain hits another Pulitzer level home-run in today's editorial headlined " Stop Iggy's bus we want off."

After an artful rant about why Michael Ignatieff's tour is doomed for sad failure, the Sun throws down a challenge:

"He's making it up on the fly. There's no substance.

This six-week dupe show is all about Ignatieff's image being in the tank, and the Liberal Party plummeting in the polls.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Ask any journalist on the bus."

Ask any journalist on the bus -- any of them. There's no substance, the leader is screwed, it's all bad, bad, bad. Hmmm... Let me pick a journalist at random and see what they have to say about the tour to date. Luckily I have the names of every reporter in an old Montreal Expos touque on my desk at all times. Let me reach in there and pick a name at random -- well what a coincidence, Brian Lilley from the Sun.

What did Brian have to say about the tour?

" Michael Ignatieff has been practicing. The Liberal leader kicked off the Ontario portion of his cross-Canada tour sounding like a preacher selling the old-time religion of Liberalism on Monday night."

Hmm, I'm not sure if a preacher selling the old-time religion of Liberalism is a good or bad thing at the new Sun. If only Brian had provided us with a handy summary of how the sermon went. Oh wait:

"If the crowds and the stump speeches on the rest of this tour turn out as well as Monday's, the Conservatives may want to start checking over their shoulder."

So when the Sun editorial challenged us to "ask any journalist on the bus," I guess what they really meant was "we haven't actually talked to any reporters who have been on the bus, including those who work for our own chain."

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