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"A man's reach should exceed his grasp" wrote Browning, "or what's a heaven for?" On the other hand If you can't be petty, small-minded and vindictive on your own blog then what's an Internet for?

Somebody who goes by the handle Kathryn C wrote in the comments section of my last post:

Tthe Globe never fails to show Ignatieff looking awkward in [their]photos. Very cheap, although a clearly effective strategy to bolster the CPC smear campaign. Like using the term 'Iggyfest 2009'."

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Kathryn: (if I may call you Kathryn) That's not cheap ideology; that's cheap humour. There's a difference.

And in other unrelated news John Ibbitson writes today:

"One way or another, the opposition parties will have to find some way to keep this government alive through the rest of this year or face the consequences at the polls. Parliament will then recess until the end of January. And with February comes the Olympics, and who wants an election during the Olympics?

For 17 days, Canadians will become Americans - fiercely patriotic, waving the flag with abandon, cheering on our athletes and celebrating what everyone hopes will be a magnificent games that will make all Canadians proud to be Canadian.

This is not a time to bring down a government."

Fair comment. But I have to ask. If Liberians, Lesothans, Agentines and/or Algerians wave their flags with abandon and cheer their athletes does that make them Americans? Ibbitson just got back from a stint in the Excited States and as a sometime resident of the tri-state area myself, I sympathize. But his is nonetheless a deeply parochial view and ought not to be foisted on fellow citizens, especially by the national fish wrap.

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