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Last night life intervened for me with a reminder that the political battles that captivateso many are totally irrelevant when a dear friend wound up fighting for something more precious at an Ottawa hospital.

Some quick comments, though, because my friend would expect no less but would disagree on perspective:

1) A Tory win in Nova Scotia was never a cake-walk but it is good to have that seat back in the family. Scott Armstrong, the new MP, has good potential.

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2) The win in Quebec is uplifting if you are a Tory. Whether it speaks to a trend or not only time will tell. But it does challenge those predictions that suggested the Prime Minister's best days in the province were behind him.

3) Rob's comments on the Liberals are bang on.

4) The Bloc continues to show its resiliency, which is many ways is amazing.

5) Jack Layton may have been smart to position himself as the opposition guy who is trying to make Parliament work. It seems to have been a more reasonable and popular approach than Iggy's original man-the-torpedoes stance.

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