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Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe speaks in his Ottawa office on March 25, 2010.

Blair Gable/blair gable The Globe and Mail

Gilles Duceppe thinks Newfoundland has the right to separate from Canada.

Why does Newfoundland have this right? According to Duceppe its because "Newfoundland was once a nation" - presumably by this he means the Dominion of Newfoundland was self-governing from 1907 to 1934 and in an ode to Braveheart, you just can't take away a nations freedom.

This differentiates the Island of Powers from other provinces, according to Duceppe. He was asked specifically about Alberta and since Alberta was never a "nation" - in this context meaning an independant, self-governing land mass - Newfoundland's rights are "different from Alberta" - to quote Duceppe.

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My Quebec history is rusty, please remind me how this criteria for the right to secede plays out in Dueppe's favour?

But no matter. Duceppe was partly right in his comments today - Newfoundland has just as much right under both Canadian and international law to separate unilaterally from Canada as Quebec does. Namely, none.

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