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Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff eats ice cream with a group of students during a visit to the Scotsburn Dairy operation in Truro, N.S. on Thursday, October 22, 2009.


OMG is text-messaging short-hand for Oh My God. LOL, as I only discovered from my students last year, means Laugh Out Loud. Yes, I am slow learner; rip on me accordingly but apparently I am not alone. Team Ignatieff may have had their best keystone cops OMG! LOL moment to date.

You see the political high school that is Ottawa is captivated by the 90210 drama of whether or not Iggy has hired is third chief of staff in less than a year. CBC's Power and Politics program kicked off their show by reporting the talented and capable Peter Donolo, former communications director to prime minister Jean Chrétien, has been hired as the new OLO boss. CTV's Power-Play got word from Iggy's current director of communications, Jill Fairbrother, that no that wasn't the case.

In the space of an hour Canadians who watch these programs got a first had view of how totally dysfunctional the hierarchy of the Liberal government-in-waiting appears to be. No one in the Liberal Party who seems to know just who is in charge. Where is Alexander Haig when you need him?

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Having lived under similar circumstances with pposition lLeaders of yesteryear,I can empathize with the troubles of Team Iggy. However, the best staff in the world can't fix a leader who doesn't now how to lead.

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