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No May in October Add to ...

As reported by Bill Curry, Elizabeth May will not be participating in the leaders' debates scheduled for the first two days of October.

I know this decision will frustrate Ms. May and Green Party supporters, but frankly it is the right decision. I think she shot herself in the foot when she did her electoral-cooperation deal with Mr. Dion. And landing Independent Member of Parliament Blair Wilson was a bit of a long bomb pass for the end zone. Wilson was not elected as a Green member thus the party couldn't justify having someone sent to Ottawa on that ticket. I am sure the Greens will throw ample blame around about their exclusion, when really they need look no further than themselves when searching for responsibility.

I do believe democracy is served by a diversity of voices, but you do have to prove your voice resonates enough with voters first before you get a leaders' debate podium. There are many other parties out there who could make compelling arguments about participation but they too have yet to elect an MP.

On a side note, full credit to Rob for not calling me any bad names. I was just doing a radio show here in Ottawa where the Liberal representative may have set the Guinness Book record for using the words "lying" and its root "lie." Of course, it was in response to Dion's previous statements about the universal child care payment and the hike of the GST - all documented in a previous post. Dion himself set the tone by using those terms earlier.

Leadership or a lack thereof does start at the top. I am not trying to be sanctimonious, I am the last person in the world who would be, but I think the name calling suggests some early frustrations on the part of the Liberals. I have been called worse things and beaten more severely on rugby fields across the country. Strangely I always come back for more.

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