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Senior advisor? Add to ...

Conservative bloggers (and paid aggregators) are having lots of fun suggesting that a "Senior Advisor to Dalton McGuinty" wrote the Guardian story criticizing Michael Ignatieff.   Good times in Tory blogger-land. High-fives all around the Dungeons and Dragons table.   It just happens to have no connection to reality. A few points:   1. The author is a bureaucrat, not a political staffer.   2. He is a rather mid-level bureaucrat at that (the title "Senior Policy Advisor" sounds very, well, senior, but it isn't. It's about as mid-level as you can get in the Ontario Public Service. It is unlikely he would ever be in a meeting with a 22-year old minister's office junior staffer, never mind with the Premier).   That doesn't make the author a bad-guy, in any way a bad public servant, nor does it make his story true or untrue.   It's just that the suggestion, as Tim and others have tried to make, that he has anything to do with Dalton McGuinty or the political side of his government, is just plain wrong.   To draw any other conclusion is to challenge the professional nature of the Ontario public service and it would also mean that the 50,000 plus civil servants in Ontario, or heck, the 100,000 plus broader public service, all "work for" and "advise" Dalton McGuinty.   They don't and thus this is yet another silly, made-up Conservative blogger story.

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