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Tim Powers

The perils of political humour Add to ...

There is not enough humor in our modern day politics. We lack clever court jesters in today's modern parliament. There are no John Crosbies among us now. They clearly aren't present in Iggy's Liberal Party. This photoshop spoofing is not just a bad joke, it is in poor taste and offensive. Now the joke is on the donkeys in Liberal land who now have a story to manage. As my province's foremost bard Rick Mercer notes on Twitter this morning, "First rule of photoshop - no posting of penis pics on politicians heads. Second rule - no assassinations."

As someone who has had the occasional joke bomb, I have some empathy for those who try wit to tell political tales. It can be much more effective than the smash-them-upside-the-head partisan politics that dominate too much of our modern discourse. But a failed gag can produce a explosive distraction. Tories all remember the pooping puffin that crapped in its own nest during the 2008 federal election campaign. Liberals haven't looked at beer and popcorn the same way since 2006.

A simple rule of thumb for all you would be political strategists and satirists out there - if your mother finds your joke funny it's probably a winner. If she directs you and your humor to your father, it is time to go back to the drawing board.

Headhunters need not search among the Liberal web gang for future writers for the Mercer Report. Ralph Goodale would have better luck finding such employment.

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