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Let me make sure I have Tim's argument straight:

1. Last week, the Speaker finds a prima facie case of contempt against the Conservatives for not providing information that the House demanded (and had every right in the world to demand).

2. On Wednesday the Conservatives dumped a stack of documents the same day committee hearings kicked off on the same contempt finding (quelle surprise).

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3. The Liberals say the documents don't fully respond to the demand of Parliament. Not even close. They cite specific instances of how and where the document fails to meet Parliament's demands.

4. Tim's response - and points for chutzpah - is essentially the Conservatives dumped so many documents on the Liberals Wednesday that they could not possibly have fully read through the document dump yet. Impossible. They dumped so many documents - as the hearings got started, well past when they had an obligation to produce the information - that unless the Liberals stayed silent for days, it shows they didn't really read through the entire document dump.

Ladies and gentlemen, a perfect summary of democracy in Stephen Harper's Canada.

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