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Illustration by Anthony Jenkins

Anthony Jenkins/The Globe and Mail

Mark Carney, you're a good man and one of world's top financial leaders. You've done a fine job for Canada during this elongated period of global economic mayhem. You've been both a leader and a team player.

But now some are hoping to turn you into a political messiah for a party that is currently the equivalent of Greece in our electoral system. Yes, for your sins prominent Canadian and Globe columnist Lawrence Martin has suggested that perhaps you'd lead the Liberals in 2019.

Now in fairness to Lawrence, trying to write about the Liberal leadership these days is a taxing assignment. It gets a little boring when there is no leadership convention date set, no apparent candidates in the wings and Bob Rae looks harder to move out of his current interim role then any Occupy protester. Throwing your name into the mix certainly spices things up; it also has the speculative potential of the markets believing Italy will some day get its house in order.

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Speaking of Rome, it does often seem like some of us Canadians go on Silvio Berlusconi-style benders in our minds, intoxicating ourselves with thoughts of how Ottawa needs heroic figures to lead us to greatness. Frequently this affliction is found in the opinion pages of our national papers. More often than not, White Knight syndrome afflicts the Liberals (how is Michael Ignatieff doing these days?) and their fans – though all parties suffer.

For fear of having to issue a man-crush disclaimer, let me say this about Mark Carney: He has many of the heroic traits that lead to fawning. He is the good looking Canadian boy who communicates well (in both official languages, I believe), who worked hard, played a bit of hockey, had a family, was a star in the private sector, came back and went into the public service. He can still be found ,when not donning his Super Man cape fighting financial instability, wandering around fields and arenas in Ottawa cheering on his kids. Before this turns into a Hallmark card, you get the point.

Whether Mark Carney has political ambitions or not is irrelevant. He is on his way to becoming the anointed one in some circles.

Poor Governor, you have been cursed. For all that you have done for us you are being made a White Knight – of the Liberal Party no less. Gallop away from this as fast as you can. You deserve better.

If you ever want to get into politics, Governor Carney, set your own terms as best you can. Today's messiah is tomorrow's master of Massey College. Mind you that isn't a bad gig; it comes with a lot less hassle than Parliament Hill.

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