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Rob Anders arrives on Parliament Hill on June 7, 2001. A day earlier, the Canadian Alliance MP was the sole voice in the House of Commons to object to bestowing honourary citizenship on Nelson Mandela.TOM HANSON

Conservative MP Rob Anders is apologizing for comments he made to veterans who accused him of falling asleep during a House of Commons committee.

A statement from Mr. Anders released by the Prime Minister's Office quotes Mr. Anders as saying he has enormous respect for those who have served their country.

Media reports this week quoted members of a group representing homeless veterans as saying Mr. Anders fell asleep during their presentation to a Parliamentary committee.

Mr. Anders denied he fell asleep and one report quoted him as suggesting his accusers had ties to the New Democrats.

In the statement, Mr. Anders says he will continue to work on behalf of Canada's veterans through the committee.

Last year, cameras caught Mr. Anders apparently napping in the House of Commons, and the video was widely viewed on YouTube.