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Liberal leader Justin Trudeau gets his photo taken with a supporter as he campaigns in Calgary, Alberta, August 3, 2015.TODD KOROL/Reuters

In a city long considered a Conservative fortress and a province newly enamoured with Premier Rachel Notley's NDP, Justin Trudeau found himself in enemy territory Monday, fighting a political battle on two fronts. A re-elected Conservative government would just keep breaking Alberta's heart and mire the country in a recession, the Liberal Leader said. And the change being promised by Tom Mulcair's New Democrats would be just as fleeting.

Greeted by about 400 cheering supporters in the new riding of Calgary Confederation, Mr. Trudeau attacked Mr. Harper's financial record and his plan to stick to the status quo.

"He's asking Canadians to stay the course," Mr. Trudeau said of Mr. Harper. "Well, the course we're on has led straight back into recession.

Of course, Alberta's no longer the one-horse province it once was – not since Ms. Notley bowled over the old-boys network this past spring and shattered the half-century Progressive Conservative dynasty.

Which means any Liberal leader worth his salt needs to fire his guns in two directions at once.

"Mr. Mulcair? Mr. Mulcair has no answer," Mr. Trudeau said.

"He says he wants to help people who work for the minimum wage but his plan to raise the minimum wage doesn't apply to 99 per cent of the Canadians who earn the minimum wage.

"The NDP won't tell you that. They'll say they'll help, but they won't – and worse, they know they won't."