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Justin Trudeau in a new ad from the Liberal Party of Canada

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says "Canadians deserve better" than negative politics and defends his record in a new ad responding to recent Conservative attacks.

In the 30-second commercial, Trudeau switches off a classroom TV playing one of attack ads, which criticizes his experience, saying the new opposition leader is "way over his head".

"We can keep mistrusting and finding flaws in each other, or we can pull together and get to work," Mr. Trudeau tells the camera.

The Conservative attacks ads also took aim at Trudeau's work experience, targeting his past jobs as a drama teacher and camp counsellor.

"I'm proud to be a teacher," the Liberal Leader says, in front of the classroom's blackboard.

Trudeau's message in the new ad echoes his earlier response to the Tory ads in Parliament, where he said that Canadians are tired "of negativity, of bullying, of cynicism," adding "the Conservatives are going to discover that the one thing they know how to do really well is no longer working for them."

In the classroom ad, Trudeau also defends the Tory attack ads' criticism that he had one of the worst attendance records as an MP.

"I worked hard to earn the confidence of folks in Papineau," he says.

"Although I'm a leader, I'm here to serve."