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Industry Minister James Moore, flanked by Canadian astronauts Jeremy Hansen (left) and David Saint-Jacques (right), announces Canada's commitment to fly two Canadian astronauts to space by 2024 during a news conference in Ottawa, Tuesday June 2, 2015.Fred Chartrand/The Canadian Press

Canada's two astronauts will finally get their chance to visit the International Space Station.

Industry Minister James Moore says Jeremy Hansen and David Saint-Jacques will fly in space by 2024.

He made the announcement today at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa.

They were first selected to join the Canadian astronaut corps in May 2009.

A background paper says one of the Canadians is guaranteed a flight by 2019 and the other by 2024.

It also says the choice of who flies first will be based on mission requirements, which will be discussed with Canada's space station partners during the coming months.

The last Canadian to visit the orbiting space lab was Chris Hadfield who left in May 2013 after spending five months on board.

Moore's announcement is the result of Canada's decision to renew its participation in the space station until 2024.

The space station is a joint endeavour among space agencies from Canada, the United States, Japan, Russia and the European Union.

Canada is the third country to extend its participation after the United States and Russia.