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Canada's veterans ombudsman Guy Parent speaks after releasing the Report on the New Veterans Charter and Actuarial Analysis Tuesday October 1, 2013 in Ottawa. Parent says he'll stay at his post, even though the new Liberal government has asked him to step aside. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian WyldThe Canadian Press

The new Liberal government has asked veterans ombudsman Guy Parent to step down but he says he'll stay on the job.

Parent says he has lots to accomplish during the three-year renewal of his mandate, which was approved in the waning hours of the Conservative government.

He insists he was never a partisan actor.

Parent says he has already informed the Liberal government that he plans to carry on with his duties.

Just before Christmas, Liberal House leader Dominic LeBlanc told 33 Harper government appointees requesting that they step aside or turn down their early reappointments.

Some in the veterans community applauded the Liberal demand for the ombudsman to step aside, accusing Parent of being too cozy with the former Conservative government.

Parent said the Liberals have indicated that his appointment might go to a parliamentary committee for review, but the all-party committee does not have the authority to remove appointees.