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A collection of recently-released planning documents give Canadians the first detailed glimpse of which federal departments are facing cuts. These figures, collected by The Globe from 92 separate documents, show three out of every four federal departments are projected to operate with a smaller budget in 2015-16 than today. While these are projections and do not reflect plans announced in the 2013 budget and may yet change, the overall picture shows the role federal departments will play in resolving the deficit.

Harper's cost-cutting agenda

Among Canada's largest federal departments (those with a budget higher than $100-million), 37 are expected to face budgetary cuts over the next three years, compared to seven with projected increases.

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Use the table below to see changes in funding for each federal department. Click any column heading to sort by that value.

The Globe analysis compares spending and job cuts over a two year period (2013-14 to 2015-16). Some cuts announced in Budget 2012 – which announced the elimination of 19,200 public service positions over three years - have already taken place in the 2012-13 fiscal year. A Treasury Board breakdown of the 19,200 positions is available here.

1. The Registry of the Specific Claims Tribunal’s budget was renewed in the 2013 budget
2. Spending for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario was renewed in the 2013 budget
3. Spending for the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency was renewed in the 2013 budget
4. Expiring infrastructure programs were renewed in the 2013 budget

Source: Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat and various department Report on Plans and Priorities
Interactive by STUART A. THOMPSON