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Which articles did Globe readers pore over most? A look at the top five most read News articles of 2012

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1. How arrogance and mistakes led to Shafia's murder conviction

The Shafia "honour killings" trial gripped Canadians and dominated the headlines, particularly when Mohammad Shafia, his wife and their son were found guilty on Jan. 29, 2012, of four counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of the three teenage Shafia girls and their father's first wife.
Globe reporter Timothy Appleby covered the trial, which heard how angry Mr. Shafia was over his daughters' dating life and how it caused him "shame."
Mr. Appleby's wrap-up of the case and portrait of the killers was the most read news story of the year.

Photo by Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press

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2. Rethinking immigration: The case for the 400,000 solution

Rarely does an interactive feature garner as much attention as the Our Time to Lead: Immigration interactive did in May.
The scrolling interactive attempted to inform and engage readers with a simple argument: Why Canada needs 400,000 immigrants.
It delved into the challenges of immigration and possible fixes, related stories from Canadian immigrants and innovators and gave readers a chance to share their own immigration stories.

Photo by Pawel Dwulit/The Globe and Mail

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3. Karla Homolka lives in Guadeloupe and has three children, new book reveals

News in June that Karla Homolka, the notorious ex-convict who served 12 years in prison for her role in the sex killings of three teenage girls, now had children of her own sparked outrage and disbelief.
The author who tracked down the ex-wife of killer Paul Bernardo also discovered she was now married to her lawyer's brother and had assumed a new name.
While the story's popularity confirms people's curiosity over what happened to Ms. Homolka after her release from prison, many readers expressed their disdain for the attention she was getting.

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4. Peter MacKay weds rights activist, former beauty queen

When "Canada's sexiest male MP" Peter MacKay tied the knot over the holidays with Nazanin Afshin-Jam, the founder of a human rights group and a former Miss World Canada, readers lapped up the news and photos of the couple.
The Defense Minister, of course, is no stranger to having details of his relationships splashed in the media.
He had been known for a series of highly publicized romances, including with former MP and former Magna CEO Belinda Stronach, and a previous engagement with Jana Juginovic, a CTV News executive.

Photo by JJ Thompson/The Globe and Mail

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5. Meet the Canadian billionaire who's giving it all away

“There's really only so much that you need, or your family needs.” So says Jeffrey Skoll, who made his fortune wtih eBay, and has since put it to good use.
Financing everything from water pumps that help African farmers to arts-education centres for at-risk American kids, Mr. Skoll expects 95 per cent of his wealth to go to such causes.
The Globe published his story in May, when he was the only Canadian to sign The Giving Pledge, a call for the superrich to stop hoarding their wealth. Perhaps inspired by Mr. Skoll, that has now changed.

Photo by Dave Chan/The Globe and Mail

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