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Scott MacIntyre, 47, is shown in Toronto on Jan. 24, 2014. (PETER POWER/THE GLOBE AND MAIL)
Scott MacIntyre, 47, is shown in Toronto on Jan. 24, 2014. (PETER POWER/THE GLOBE AND MAIL)

Jailhouse beating meant to keep Rob Ford's secrets, lawsuit alleges Add to ...

“It felt like forever, but a good minute and a half in real time. It felt like 10 minutes, but probably a minute, minute and a half.”

His statement of claim alleges that the attack was executed by “Petros and another unknown inmate or inmates, or some combination of the foregoing.” In his interview, he said he could not definitively identify Mr. Petros as the attacker because of the towel but that he is certain Mr. Petros was the mastermind behind the beating.

“I’m not saying he was the one that assaulted me, because I’m not sure. But I am saying that he was part and parcel of what happened – because I don’t have enemies,” he said. “But to have this guy in my ear constantly? One plus one equals two.”

The area outside the unit’s showers where the attack unfolded is normally monitored by a video camera, but the “video surveillance had been inexplicably disabled” before the assault, the claim alleges. Immediately after the attack, a guard thrust papers into his face and asked him to explain what had happened, Mr. MacIntyre said. He indicated that he had “slipped” in the shower, an explanation that he acknowledges was not true. (Another source from the Toronto West Detention Centre said it was “implausible” that Mr. MacIntyre’s injuries were the result of falling in the shower.)

He was kept at the jail for 36 hours after the assault, a delay that caused complications in treating his injuries, the claim alleges. At the hospital, where he resided for about two weeks, his leg fracture was repaired with several screws, he said. To this day, Mr. MacIntyre, who has no dental coverage, has been unable to replace his front teeth, he said.

A source with knowledge of the attack on Mr. MacIntyre said the alleged role of a former Don Bosco player, or players, was something that was discussed in at least one court proceeding in the lead-up to Mr. MacIntyre’s sentencing.

Mr. MacIntyre alleges that Mr. Petros, Mr. Ford and Mr. Aboodowleh conspired to have him attacked. When Globe reporters asked what evidence existed that Mr. Ford played any role in the attack, Mr. MacIntyre declined to answer, saying he did not want to discuss such evidence in advance of examination for discovery proceedings.

In his interview with The Globe, Mr. MacIntyre said that he was never interviewed by anyone from Toronto police.

In an e-mailed statement, the Ministry of Correctional Services said police were not contacted because “the individual in question refused to co-operate in any investigation.”

Mr. Petros did not reply to written requests for an interview, including a letter with detailed questions that was delivered to him through the Correctional Service of Canada.

More than a year before Mr. Petros was incarcerated, he appeared on stage in his Don Bosco jersey at Mr. Ford’s 2010 mayoral campaign kickoff at the Toronto Congress Centre. In a video recording posted online by Mr. Ford’s campaign team, he is shown standing in the background while Nicholas Swaby, another one of the mayor’s former players, described Mr. Ford’s contributions. Since that video was put online, Mr. Swaby was charged with aggravated assault in connection with the 2009 murder of Christopher Skinner. When Mr. Petros was sentenced to five years in prison in April 2012, the assistant Crown attorney who prosecuted him described how his victim was bound, stabbed and threatened with a sawed-off Winchester rifle. His victim, the owner of the home Mr. Petros invaded, “suffered injuries to virtually every part of his body, in addition to extensive swelling and bruising.”

In his interview with The Globe, Mr. MacIntyre declined to answer many questions about Mr. Ford’s use of illegal drugs and alcohol.

“I have kept my head down, per se, in regards to all this, you know. I’m not talking about personal stuff.”

With reports from Jill Mahoney, Ann Hui and Elizabeth Church

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Statement of claim in the lawsuit against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Jan. 29, 2014

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