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Calgary's mayor has issued an unusual challenge to his Toronto counterpart – the politician whose city loses the Grey Cup must donate his weight in food to charity.

The bet, which Rob Ford accepted late Monday morning, will result in a significant bonus for a food bank.

Naheed Nenshi is a beefy man who has publicly lamented that his busy schedule as mayor of Calgary makes it hard to stay active. And Toronto's Mr. Ford, who made headlines earlier this year with a failed weight-loss plan, has called himself "300 pounds of fun."

Mr. Ford, who was in court Monday morning listening to closing arguments in a $6-million libel lawsuit filed against him, hinted to reporters that he may feel the wager is a little lopsided given how he tips the scales.

"It's almost double the bet," he said as he rushed back to the courtroom from a lunch break in the trial.

The 100th Grey Cup will be contested this Sunday in Toronto between the hometown Argonauts and the Calgary Stampeders. Although politicians often make symbolic bets on the outcome of their home teams, Mr. Nenshi upped the ante on his Twitter account overnight.

"The loser donating their weight in food to the winner's food bank," he challenged. "Plus jersey swap for a council mtg. What say you, @tomayorford?"

A press secretary for Mr. Ford said Monday that the mayor would take the bet. Mr. Ford later made it official.

"I'll take the bet," he tweeted. "You'll look great in #Argo blue!"

The Toronto mayor, a passionate football and Argos fan, has been predicting for months that the home team would hoist the Grey Cup after this weekend's game.